Film Review: Newness

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February seems to be the month for me to stumble upon Nicholas Hoult movies. Last year it was Collide and this year Newness came up during an online search. This sexually explicit film is not one to watch with your parents — regardless of how old you are! But there’s more to it than that.

The story
Gabi (Laia Costa) has had her fair share of unsatisfactory sexual encounters. When she meets Martin through a Tinder-like dating app called Winx, what starts out as a casual hookup turns into a full-blown relationship quicker than you can say ‘swipe right’. It’s clear that these two like each other from the start and it’s not long before the L-word is mentioned.

What stands out from their first face-to-face meeting is Gabi’s statement to Martin (Nicholas Hoult) that she likes to try new things but ends it as soon as she gets bored. To change things up in the relationship and to explore, the couple mutually agrees to having an open relationship. What ensues is a fiery love affair in which “both emotional and physical boundaries” are pushed to the limit (IMDB).

Throw in an ex-wife, past family secrets, various experiences (even if it means watching your mate with someone else) and there’s bound to be drama.

In my opinion
I thought both Costa and Hoult played their roles quite well. As mentioned before, you can expect lots of sex and ample nudity scenes (although not distasteful) in this movie that certainly makes the viewer look at modern dating methods in a different light.

‘Strange’ comes to mind when looking for a word to describe this film. The camerawork was not the best I’ve seen with objects often blocking actors’ faces before they came into focus. An overall lack of lighting did nothing to enhance this motion picture. Text messages, a vital part of the storyline, were not clearly visible. Duplicating messages on screen (as done before) would have been the obvious solution.

At times this felt more like a documentary than a movie with too many ‘silent’ scenes (a lack of background music). Imagine my surprise when I learned that there are 36 songs on the soundtrack!

Overall, this movie has an interesting storyline that’s different and refreshing. Even though it made me frown through certain parts and roll my eyes during others, I watched until the end to see the outcome. Ultimately the film tries to answer the question, ‘Can love survive in open relationships?’ Whether or not this story has a happy ending, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

I recommend you watch it if you’re keen on trying something fresh. Click here for the Newness movie trailer.


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