Book Review – Innocence (Dean Koontz)

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It was only after I had finished reading Innocence that I learned about Wilderness, the other book in the Dean Koontz Innocence series.  My brother-in-law lent me the book and this was my first encounter with the work of the #1 NY Times bestselling author. I found it … interesting, to say the least, and did not get the sense that it’s part of a series.

When they saw me, men and women alike recoiled, but their fear quickly gave way to fury.

The story

Addison Goodheart lives underground — by himself. That is, ever since his father was brutally murdered six years ago. He only surfaces late at night or in extreme weather conditions, when nobody else would dare venture outside. The reason? When ‘normal’ people see Addison and look into his eyes all they want to do is cause him harm. What is it about this young man that make people react in this way?

When he meets Gwyneth his life changes forever. Like him, Gwyneth also has her reasons for hiding away from (most of) the human race. And like him, she also has to contend with people that want to cause her harm. A strong bond develops between these two outcasts of society as they fight for their own survival as well as the survival of a comatose little girl …

My opinion

When my brother-in-law handed me this book I thought it was another murder mystery (a genre I love!). And even though I’ve heard of Dean Koontz before I never took the time to learn about his writing style. I was therefore quite surprised by it, and also surprised at myself for liking this book.

Koontz transported me from this world to another and I was engrossed in the lives of these fascinating characters. To be honest, I did not mind living in their world at all.

Is this the best Dean Koontz book? You tell me. I’m certainly open to giving this author another read.

Dean Koontz quote: Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind.

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