Film Review: Collide

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I’m really glad that watching this film involved a two-for-the-price-of-one special on movie tickets.

Collide tells the story of Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult), an American bad boy who finds himself in Germany. He meets Juliette Marne (Felicity Jones), also an American, in a nightclub and decides to leave his shady life behind to be with this girl.

They fall madly in love but when Casey finds out that Juliette is sick – she needs a kidney transplant – he resumes his criminal activities in order to make enough money to pay for the procedure.

What ensues is a series of Chuck Norris-like events in which Casey ends up in one collision after another without sustaining any serious injuries. Around him, cars are blown to shreds and gun shots are fired, but the protagonist, although a little bit bruised, remains largely unharmed. What’s more, as soon as he is out of the one difficulty, a flashy car awaits to take him to his destination.

His superpowers don’t end there. Casey must have studied drama, because a dull soliloquy at a petrol station convinces the impassive-faced owner to offer him petrol despite him having no money.

“Crash and Burn is more like it.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Even with well-known Hollywood names making an appearance (Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley), this movie is a real let-down. I hope the British leads choose better in future.




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