Place Review: The Ideal Getaway (for you and your four-legged friends)

Let me just come right out and say it: camping is not for me. Tents, creepy crawlies and sleeping bags … no, thanks. I’ll choose clean white sheets and electricity over the camping scene any day. You know, I like to be (let’s call it) someplace nice.

So when I started looking for a place to take hubby (he celebrated his birthday on 13 June) for a weekend away, I quickly came across Beautiful Abalone, affordable self-catering accommodation in the whale watching capital of South Africa. I’m pleased to say that the pictures on closely resemble the real thing.

After reading a few positive reviews, I made the booking.

IMG_1238_front door

Meet and greet

Karin, the friendly manager, met us there on Saturday afternoon and due to a mould smell in the flat (I booked the flat for two people instead of the 3-bedroomed house), we got upgraded to the house!

First impressions

This spacious home away from home is situated in a quite suburb called Westcliff. It’s super quiet. I promise you that I didn’t even hear a dog bark the whole time we were there. The house is beautifully furnished with earthy colours throughout. A sturdy wooden table is the main feature of the lounge, while gorgeously tiled floors and tasteful artwork round it off.


Clean and equipped

I found a new respect for the phrase “fully equipped” when I discovered the kitchen. It has everything you can think of – enough cutlery and crockery to go round, all the appliances, even a dishwasher. It also has a washing machine and tumble dryer (if that’s the kind of thing you like to do on your weekend away – I’m not here to judge). And if you’re a Friends fan, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the place is not just clean, it’s “Monica Clean”!

Pure comfort

Three bedrooms – two with double beds and one with two single beds – boast crisp white bedding including a cosy duvet to keep out the cold winter chill. The epitome of comfort. In addition to the spacious bathroom, our room had it’s own en suite with the most delicious shower. A glass wall allows natural light to stream into the shower. But you don’t have to worry – the neighbours won’t be able to take a peek.


For your entertainment

Being South African, for me a braai is an absolute must on any weekend away. Once again Beautiful Abalone did not disappoint. You’ll find a spacious braai room with roof blinds at the back of the house – ideal for entertaining.

IMH_1231_braai room.jpg

The pets

My only regret is not taking along Lady Mary and Optimus Prime. Not the actual TV characters, but our canine loved ones. Beautiful Abalone boasts a well-kept garden, perfectly trimmed trees, lush lawns and so much space the dogs would have thought it’s Christmas.


Excellent service

We checked out on Monday morning, but not before a phone call from Dirk, the owner, asking about our stay and whether they could have done anything to better our stay. They couldn’t have. I should mention that Karin was just a phone call or SMS away the entire time we were there – she responded to each one of my texts!

This really is the ideal place to visit if you’re looking for some peace and quite (and comfort) away from home. The Guest Book confirms.

Guestbook Beautiful Abalone_Pro.jpg


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