Book Review: A Mother’s Story

A Mother's Love

Did you know that one in every 10 women is affected by postnatal depression within one year of giving birth? This is according to

Not being a mother myself, this statistic would not usually be a part of my Google search results, but this interesting book on Baby Blues caught my eye. At first, it was not on my reading list at all. I knew about it, but with so many options to choose from, I had other (bookworm) plans. In fact, it was during a slump in business at the book sale where I was working at the time, that I picked up A Mother’s Story from one of the piles.

I started reading and decided to buy and finish the book. Truthfully, it takes a while to get into the crux of the matter – quite a while, in fact – but it’s a good read.

The story is written in the first person from the perspective of present-day Jess and in the third person about the Jess from the past. They really do come across as (and are) two different people with different personalities and completely different lives.

As the reader, I travelled with past Jess on her emotional roller-coaster of a journey and really felt for her. Amanda Prowse creates a believable character and succeeds in getting empathy for her, in spite of her (sometimes horrific)actions.

Worth reading.


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