Film Review: Bastille Day – What you would expect from an action movie

Bastille day poster

Action movies aren’t really my thing, so perhaps I’m not the most unbiased person to speak on this. But since this one stars the easy-on-the eye Idris Elba, I had a good reason to make my way to the cinema and see this film.

The story is set in Paris. When a bomb explodes in the city centre, chaos ensues. Could it be another terrorist attack? Stubborn CIA veteran Sean Briar (played by Elba) must catch the perpetrators. He enlists the help of clever thief Michael Mason (Richard Madden) and the two soon forms an unlikely friendship – if you could call it that.

I found Madden’s pick pocketing scenes rather entertaining, but Elba’s character was just too good to be true. He’s a bit of a cross between Chuck Norris and Stephen Segal – it’s almost impossible to outsmart him. He shows up everywhere, on time, ready for action, and always one step ahead of the French cops. Yet, for some reason, he’s still a very likable character …

An okay film. For me it only gets a 5 out of 10.

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